Sunday, December 10, 2006

All together now...

Dominic, Gabriel's two-month-younger cousin, accompanied him last night in an evening of overtired wailing after we had a nice dinner (Vegetarian Chili with Rutabagas and Butternut Squash, YUM!) with his parents and older brother. Two sad and tired (or possibly gassy?) babies does not for a pleasant household make. Particularly because two sad and tired babies make for two sad and tired mommies. We did experiment with the little guys, testing to see if they would startle each other into being happy again. We held their crying faces close together;"Look at your cousin...!" we hopefully pleaded. Dominic was fascinated and paused for a moment in his tirade, whereas Gabriel took one look at Dominic and shrieked even louder, causing Dominic to start up all over again.

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