Monday, December 04, 2006

In the swing of things

Life has been dealing us one lesson after the next in “letting go” these past few days. Around Thanksgiving we finally sold our condo after several months of having it on the market, so we have to let go of the little home we’ve made here, most regrettably the beautiful tile work Michael did on the backsplash in the kitchen. There are very few houses on the market around the holidays, but there were a couple that we really loved that had been on the market for months and months that we were sure we’d be able to get if we made an offer on them. Both were whisked away through various circumstances, just as I began to daydream about what color to paint the walls and where we would put the sofas. Somehow, I’ve been unusually okay with these circumstances. I’ve been disappointed each time we “lost” a house, but the words “foxes have dens and birds of the sky have nests but the Son of Man has no where to rest his head” from Luke 9:58 keep coming back to me. And then of course it’s Advent, which reminds me that even the Holy Family faced a tough housing market on the night of Christ’s birth. I’ve prayed so much that God’s will be done regarding our housing situation, that I think I’m beginning to accept even the bumps in the road as part of His will, part of His way of conforming us to more and more to Christ. I also get the feeling that God gives us practice getting over small bumps so that we can trust Him to carry us over even the higher, more precarious peaks that we’ll certainly have to traverse in our lives.

Here’s Gabriel helping us house hunt. This is his first ride in a swing, in the tot lot of one of the developments where we were looking for a place to live.

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Now about my not-so-mysterious identity... I lived with two A's and an M in the H house last year, which became occupied by an E and a C, the C who got engaged to another C recently, so that there will be two CH's this summer.

And I don't like sarcasm!

Hehe :)