Wednesday, January 06, 2010

101 uses for junk mail...

Maybe it was the pounding sinuses and the fever that weakened my defenses...whatever the case, 3:30pm this afternoon found me in a living room strewn with dried pine needles from the Christmas tree I had just dragged out the front door, pitching wadded up balls of junk mail to a plastic-bat wielding three year old, while my one year old gleefully threw his own stash of discarded junk mail into the front hall toilet. I should have been vacuuming, but that wouldn't have been half as fun. :)
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Jaclyn said...

ha! we did the same but not w/ a bat b/c John Thomas hasn't got that down yet (he's more of a golfer) - instead we played basketball!

Blessings for 2010!

Carla said...

yes, the cold weather makes us moms a little wacky, hm? :)